Shade (miteymidget) wrote in wizard_pimps,


With each slow thrust Lucius buried himself deeper, body tense as he kept himself from ramming into the boy any harder. James was relaxing, pain receding even as Lucius' pleasure grew. He was desperate for completion, desperate for James'.

He angled himself differently and James gasped. It was only a small sound but enough to make him sigh and speed up a little, hitting that spot more as frequently as possible. James was soon writhing again, clutching at the blonde and rubbing his erection against Lucius' stomach. Groaning, he reached down to grasp the boys throbbing shaft, flicking his thumb over the tip. James cried out and arched into him.

A few more well aimed thrusts and they were both nearing the precipice. Lucius faught the pull, wanting it to last longer now that the end seemed so close. He wanted more. He wanted it all. He wanted to own James and for everyone to know it. He bit down hard, drawing blood, hoping that it would leave a permanent mark, yet knowing that it was unlikely. At least of a while James would be his.
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