Shade (miteymidget) wrote in wizard_pimps,


A few more twists and James was writhing beneath him, bound arms pulling him closer. Lucius' breath had started to come as rapidly as the other boys and he realized just how much clothing was keeping him from his prize. Moving his hand away from James, the blonde began to riggle out of his slacks, nearly popping the button in his haste.

James cried out desperately, arching forwards to bring his erection to press against Lucius' stomach. A harsh curse escaped the taller boy before he could stop himself, the sudden contact enflaming his already raging desire. He scrabbled at his pants, kicking them off and tearing at the buttons of his shirt. This uniform wasn't likely to survive this little excursion and at this point Lucius was past caring.

He latched onto James's neck once more, bathing it with his tongue as his hips jerked to meet the Gryffindor's, flesh finally meeting blessed flesh. Heat course through him, bathing his usally cool frame in a strange warmth he had never experienced before. One hand was curving around the boys hips, trying to still the frenzied movements so he could prepare himself, while the other still half supporting his body weight. James kept straining against him, trying to bring himself to completion even as Lucius was trying to slow them.
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