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The bitter silk didn't taste like anything to James anymore. The cloth had lost all quality in his mouth, it was simply in the way. James could feel himself get hot, his face was warm and red -- it felt almost numb. The breathing was rhythmic...and had he been paying any attention he would have noticed it matched perfect pace with the Slytherin's own heavy breaths: the deep gasp of air, the harsh exhalation as the excitement and pleasure built upwards.
James was blinded by the new sensation penetrating his body, there was no recognition of just who was settled between his legs. There was just the knowledge that another body -- cold but firm -- was breathing on him, holding him...consuming him. He never would have thought...another boy... ...or had he? True, there was that Lily girl...but there was something(someone) else, too. Something about...
His mind swirled the thoughts around in a blur before he could complete the thought. Lucius re-captured James' consciousness by slipping one more finger inside; James groaned in-spite of himself and rocked his body against the steady strokes. He didn't notice Lucius' darkening smile twisting his pale face. All James noticed was the provocative heat in his groin and painful erection....he didn't notice as Lucius slowly began to move himself down, little by little...
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