Az (js_) wrote in wizard_pimps,


James gasped through his gag, saliva escaping the corners of his mouth. His once-bright eyes were glazed over and half-lidded. It didn't matter, he didn't need to see -- let alone think -- to feel what Lucius was doing to his body.
Lucius' mouth sucking on his neck directly fired the longing in his groin...and with Lucius' hand already there, enveloping his erection and stroking it rhythmically, the sensation only mounted on itself. James' primal self had taken over.
Lucius pushed James' trousers down past the knees. James could only oblige as he kicked at his pants, tangled under Lucius. He managed to kick them completely off his legs and he sat open to the pale teen's attentions.
James brought his bound hands down, around the back of Lucius' elegant neck; James' arms rested on the smooth, almost alabaster shoulders and he pulled in closer as best as he could. He suddenly needed to be much closer.
...And he needed...he didn't know what he needed...but Lucious was providing something, and it was all James could do to keep himself from coming.
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