Shade (miteymidget) wrote in wizard_pimps,


Lucius ran his one hand down to James' hip, stilling the frantic movements. He moved the other to tug at the others pants, fumbling with the button and slipping his hand inside. The reaction was instantaneous as James moaned into his gag and thrust upwards. A soft chuckle escaped his lips as Lucius wrapped his hand around the boys erection.

The blonde continued run his mouth over James' neck, moving lower to delve his tounge into the hollow at the base of the boys throat. His own breath was becoming more erratic, his blood coursing heatedly through his veins and Lucius knew he wasn't going to be able to deny himself his own desires for long. The pulsing length being thrust within his grasp was only reminding of his own clamouring need. He pulled James' pants down further, satisfaction coursing through him as James lifted his hips eagerly to better allow the action.
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