Az (js_) wrote in wizard_pimps,


James was vaguely aware of his own erection growing in his pants. The smell of the other boy -- a fresh sweat, a spice like cinnamon and a very small hint of sulphur -- was hanging around him, intoxicating his senses. He nuzzled forward into Lucius, his black hair falling further infront of his face and obscuring his glasses.
Somewhere...his mind was protesting. It was faint and barely audible to James as it tried to compete with the sound of Lucius' harsh breath in his ears. Lucius...stop... James' own moans were muffled by his tie but they drowned his thoughts. No...
There was no resistance as Lucius pushed James' shirt completely off his torso. The sleeves clung to James' arms, the bundled shirt pushed against his bonds and further restricted his movement. James twisted awkwardly under Lucius, frustrated more with his restraints than the Slytherin boy over him. All James could do was submit as Lucius' mouth worked upwards while Lucius' hands worked down...
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