Az (js_) wrote in wizard_pimps,

[james] bound

Lucius' icy breath against James' cheek only intensified the burning sensation welling up inside of James. He turned his head away and violently tried to break free from Lucius, each jolt carrying a little more weight and force. It soon became clear, though, that Lucius would be able to hold on far longer than James could writhe. James' adrenaline for the situation would diminish completely...and who knew what Lucius would try then.
James opened his mouth, and began to shout again.
"Let me go! Fuck you, Lucius! LET ME GO!"
Someone was bound to hear his screams.
Lucius sat back a little, annoyed that Potter wasn't willing to play. Without any warning, he curled his fist behind him and cracked James square in the jaw. Lucius shook his hand once and stretched his fingers. He then brought the hand to rest by James' throat.
The blonde leaned back in, insisting for a third time in an cool whisper: "Play nice."
James was stunned - in every way. He felt himself go pale and sweat break out along his forehead. His mouth felt numb, a thin line of blood trickled from his lip. The coppery taste was nauseating. He stared at Lucius from the corner of his eyes as his head rolled to the side. "Let me go...", he pleaded once more.
Lucius had already removed James' tie.
James reduced himself to begging, "Please, please, let me go..."
Lucius smiled, his teeth barred almost viciously. He wadded James' tie up with one hand, and stuffed it into James' mouth.
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