Shade (miteymidget) wrote in wizard_pimps,


A flash of triumph went through Lucius as James finally stopped trying to up the pace and finally gave over control. He brought his hand back up and spit on it once more, bringing it down to cover his erection, coating it thoroughly. He pushed gently against the boys opening, pushing him up to gaze into James' face. The Gryffindo boys face was flushed and damp, eyes clearer than they had started out as. He layed a kiss on his chin, then his cheek, wishing again, that he dared take off the gag.

James pushed himself against the intrusion, then froze. There was no doubt to be some pain. Lucius wanted there to be some reminder of this tomorrow, which was why he hadn't used any lubrication spells, but it was likely to pass. He continued to drop kissed over James' face and shoulder, drawing the boys attention away from the pain. James began to relax and Lucius pushed in another inch, his back and shoulders tense as he fought the urge to just give in just give in and let his own desperation take over.
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