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Smiling wickedly, Lucius spit on his hand, settling himself comfortably between James' legs. His movements were hindered by the bound arms about his neck, but Lucius continued on, holding himself up with one hand, the other traveling low on James' body. He knew that anything that disrupted the Gryffindor's pleasure was likely to wake him from his daze. Any shock to his system and Lucius would lose out on his chance at having a go at the boy. Lucius smirked into James' tanned neck. Not bloody likely.

After a moment of brief hesitation -- from worry of James relizing just who he was, not from second thoughts -- Lucius brought his hand down to trail down the boys erection. After a few moments of teasing caresses, he continued, bringing hands down to press against the boys opening. James froze a moment and Lucius was sure that he's just lost his chance, but James moaned and wriggled a bit. Lucius circled the tight ring a few times, nuzzling against James' chest, letting his breath come out in slow puffs. Then, he entered the boy, one finger, slow and easy so as not to harm him.

James' breath left him in heavy pants as he squirmed, not quite trying to get away, yet not quite accepting the intrusion. Another finger joined the first and James cried out, as much pain as pleasure evident in the his voice. Lucius didn't give him much time to register anything as he twisted his fingers, searching even as his stretched the boy.

Ah! There we are... James pushed against Lucius' hand, loud shouts muffled by his tie. It didn't seem that there would be any struggle after this point.
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