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Sick bastard, wasn't it? A great deal of amusement touched Luicius' thoughts. What would that make you, Potter, for enjoying this so much?

But Lucius didn't say this out loud. No, that was likely to have broken the daze James seemed to have found himself in. That would have brought back the struggle. It would be much more amusing to see the boys horror and self disgust as he realized that he had been a willing particapant.

The blonde movement, previously harsh, turned gentle. His mouth found it's way once again towards the other boys neck as he settled himself more comfortably over to of James. The boy arched up to meet him and there was a strangled moan as both became more aware of the others growing arousal. James' breath had quickened, coming more heavily with each moment that passed. There was a desperation in his movements as he writhed beneath him and Lucius knew that James was his.
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