Az (js_) wrote in wizard_pimps,


Lucius moved his hands over James' body, the cold smooth fingertips igniting new sensation against James' skin. James drew in a sharp breath around his gag. He couldn't swallow and the tie was quickly soaking up his saliva. The taste of silk and blood in his mouth was a bitter combination.
Lucius attacked James' neck again, sucking deeply just above the collar bone. His platinum hair was fine and soft as it brushed the side of James' jaw.
James whimpered through the crimson and gold silk; he squeezed his eyes shut...But what his mind was trying to refuse, his body could not deny.
He felt himself slipping, his mind shutting down. The heat in him, that had been so full of anger and fear, was adopting a new quality. His sweat was no longer cold on his brow. James could feel his face in a warm flush again. With his eyes still closed he gently pushed upwards against the Slytherin, pushing his body into Lucius' advances.
Whatever objections his mind may have had were becoming lost to what his body already knew.
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