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Lucius studied his handy work for a few moment. As much good as that gag was going to do him, it also caused a few problems. Plundering the boys mouth had been quite the experience and after that small taste he was already hungry for more. Of course now James would be unable to call for help, but the temptation was almost enough to make him remove it. Almost. Calculating logic had always been a Malfoy trait and he was not about to take the risk for such a needless desire.

Instead, he latched onto James' throat, dragging his teeth against the frantic pulse point. He forced his knee furth between the boys legs as bit down a little harder, hands wokring furiously at the buttons of James' shit. He relished in the continued struggle, pleasently surprised as it continued despite the restraints.

James gave a sudden, muffled squawk and Lucius looked up to find the boys face a mask of disgist and, amazingly, the beginnings of pleasuer. In that moment Lucius let himself show his surprise. The expression was gone as quickly as it had come. His mind whirled with new possibilities. What would be worse for James than being advantage by his most active rival? Enjoying it.

His hand caressed against the flesh at the boys side, a repeat of the action he thought had likely caused the reaction. He wasn't to be dissapointed.
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